20 / 21 Canadian Art

7 May - 4 June 2022
  • 20 / 21


    MAY 7 - JUNE 4

  • Rumi Galleries is pleased to present 20 / 21 Canadian Art, the first exhibit in our 20 / 21 Exhibition Series featuring Canadian and International artworks that span the 20th and 21st centuries. Artworks are not grouped thematically or by artistic period; rather they are selected for their exceptional standing as singular objects of art history. While attention is given to an artwork's historical context, the scope of the exhibition allows for focus to be placed upon each individual artwork, with regard to its unique value to a collection. As such, works included in the exhibition are selected for their high quality, remarkable condition and notable provenance.

    20 / 21 Canadian Art presents a wonderful selection of artworks by Canadian masters. The exhibit features works in drawing, painting, sculpture and print, including: an iconic painting by Alex Colville; sculptures from the height of Sorel Etrog's career; three works by Yves Gaucher that are emblematic of the artist's visual language; two abstract canvases by a founding member of the Painters Eleven, Harold Town; exquisite landscapes by David Milne and Frank Hennessey; and one of Rita Letendre's signature airbrush paintings, among other outstanding works of Canadian art. 

  • Tom Roberts, Summer Clouds - South Peel (near Cooksville), circa 1955

    Tom Roberts

    Summer Clouds - South Peel (near Cooksville), circa 1955 Oil on canvas
    24 x 30" in
    C$ 10,000.00 + HST
  • Alex Colville, December, 1974

    Alex Colville

    December, 1974 Acrylic polymer emulsion on board
    8 x 8" in
  • "Embedded in memory, Colville's images will shape how you see the world, how you'll interpret minor encounters and everyday moments. You will see the extraordinary in the ordinary and the setting or event need not be remarkable in itself to court the exceptional."  


    - Andrew Hunter

  • Harold Town, First Snow, 1959

    Harold Town

    First Snow, 1959 Oil and Lucite 44 on masonite
    24 x 24" in
    C$ 34,000.00 + HST
  • Thomas Hilton Garside, Untitled Winter River

    Thomas Hilton Garside

    Untitled Winter River Pastel on paper
    16 x 20" in
    C$ 1,800.00 + HST
  • Sorel Etrog, Sunbird II (Study for Sunbird), 1962-64

    Sorel Etrog

    Sunbird II (Study for Sunbird), 1962-64 Bronze
    22 x 7.25 x 9" in
    Edition 4/7
    C$ 95,000.00 + HST
  • Peter Clapham Sheppard, By the Banks of the Humber, 1932

    Peter Clapham Sheppard

    By the Banks of the Humber, 1932 Oil on board
    8.5 x 10.5" in
    C$ 6,500.00 + HST
  • "Sheppard luxuriated in the stuff with which he made paintings. The oils are brushed on in ways that take full advantage of their subtle viscosity to suggest the movements, rhythms, and textures of the components of his subject matter." 


    - Tom Smart

  • Peter Clapham Sheppard, Rapids, S. Muskoka River

    Peter Clapham Sheppard

    Rapids, S. Muskoka River Oil on board
    8.5 x 10.5" in
    C$ 6,500.00 + HST
  • Joe Fafard, Jean, 2005

    Joe Fafard

    Jean, 2005 Bronze
    12.25 x 9.5 x 5.5" in
    Edition 4 of 4
  • Jean Paul Lemieux, Paysage d'hiver (silenciaire no.9), Circa 1980

    Jean Paul Lemieux

    Paysage d'hiver (silenciaire no.9), Circa 1980 Felt marker and ink on paper
    18 x 24" in
    C$ 24,000.00 + HST
  • "The essential element in my last paintings is the person. The landscape is his setting. If you could have a world without human beings, the landscape would be the same. But the presence of man changes everything. It is the place of the human within the universe that matters. The person finds his footing, finds himself, in the landscape." 


    - Jean Paul Lemieux

  • Ray Mead, Untitled (Yellow and Black), 1991

    Ray Mead

    Untitled (Yellow and Black), 1991 Acrylic on paper
    18.9 x 25" in
  • Ray Mead, Stargazer III, 1998

    Ray Mead

    Stargazer III, 1998 Acrylic on canvas
    36 x 30" in
    C$ 14,000.00 + HST
  • Harold Town, Chimera, 1960

    Harold Town

    Chimera, 1960 Oil and lucite 44 on masonite

    19 x 14.5" in
    C$ 18,000.00 + HST
  • "The clean shape started gradually in 1964 from the simplification that was already present in the murals. At that time, I had started doing a series of black and white wedges, the wedge that became more and more arrows. Then at one moment I made lots of lines near the arrow that create a feeling of vibration, that must vibrate into space, the eternal space... that vibration of space that moves...these arrows are moving through space. I wanted, by the speed of it, to create vibration around." 


    - Rita Letendre

  • Rita Letendre, WYKI, 1975

    Rita Letendre

    WYKI, 1975 Acrylic on canvas
    60 x 48" in
    C$ 48,000.00 + HST
  • Sorel Etrog, Waterbury, 1962

    Sorel Etrog

    Waterbury, 1962 Bronze
    28.5" in H
    Edition of 7
    C$ 100,000.00 + HST
  • Pegi Nicol MacLeod, Summer in Central Park, 1948

    Pegi Nicol MacLeod

    Summer in Central Park, 1948 Watercolour on mat board
    22.75 x 15.25" in
  • Gordon Rayner, Apostrophical Landscape, 1962

    Gordon Rayner

    Apostrophical Landscape, 1962 Oil and wood construction
    7.75 x 22.5" in
    C$ 4,500.00 + HST

    "True art should be a purely visual language, just as music is purely auditive [sic] language...Art must speak only to the eyes, and to nothing else, to reach the soul."


    Yves Gaucher

  • Yves Gaucher, V + Ps, 1988

    Yves Gaucher

    V + Ps, 1988 Acrylic on canvas
    18 x 32" in
    C$ 21,000.00 + HST
  • Yves Gaucher, Signal, 1991

    Yves Gaucher

    Signal, 1991 Serigraph
    25 x 36" in
    Edition 74 of 95
    C$ 5,000.00 + HST
  • Yves Gaucher, Fente, 1986

    Yves Gaucher

    Fente, 1986 Serigraph
    20 x 30" in
    Edition 1 of 50
    C$ 4,500.00 + HST
  • "The painter doesn't try to reproduce the scene before him...he simplifies and eliminates until he knows exactly what stirred him, sets this down in color and line as simply and as powerfully as possible and so translates his impression into an aesthetic emotion." 


    - David Milne

  • David Milne, Sunset Across the Lake II, 1948

    David Milne

    Sunset Across the Lake II, 1948 Watercolor on paper
    12 x 16" in
    C$ 32,000.00 + HST
  • Frank Hennessey, Untitled - Winter Landscape, Circa 1940

    Frank Hennessey

    Untitled - Winter Landscape, Circa 1940 Pastel on board
    16 x 20" in
    C$ 5,500.00 + HST
  • John Hammond, Early Morning on the Tantramar Marsh, 1916

    John Hammond

    Early Morning on the Tantramar Marsh, 1916 Oil on canvas on board
    10.25 x 13" in
    C$ 2,000.00 + HST