• Art Advising

    Art Advising

    Rumi Galleries are Canadian and International art dealers with over 20 years of experience in the fine art industry. Whether you are an established collector or brand new to buying art, Rumi Galleries can provide professional, private consultation on how to purchase individual artworks or develop a quality art collection. 

  • Art Restoration and Conservation

    Art Restoration and Conservation

    The decision to restore or conserve a work of fine art is an important one. Rumi Galleries qualified specialists will provide you with an assessment of your fine art before recommending the proper care and treatment. Our restoration and conservation professionals are experts in their field with decades of experience having serviced extensive private and public collections. At Rumi Galleries our goal is to ensure that your art is properly conserved and protected for years to come.

  • Framing, Custom Frames and Frame Restoration


    Custom Frames and Frame Restoration

    We recognize that your frames may very well be works of art. Many artists produced their own frames for their artwork or selected specific frames to accent their pieces. At Rumi Galleries we encourage preserving original artist frames whenever possible and are able to restore these frames so you can continue to enjoy them well into the future. We are also able to replicate original frames from the Post-War period.


    In some instances, a frame may need to be chosen for a new artwork or replaced on an piece in your current collection. We are able to assist in both cases and will help you through the process of selecting the perfect new frame that will not only accent your artwork but protect it for the future.